The Biggest Video Game Jerks

Posted: May 22, 2011 8:59 pm in Game Consoles
You know those digital bastards that made you throw your controller, shut off your system, and scream obscenities that only made sense if you had Tourette’s? Here’s the list of the worst:
Flea Man

Fleaman, Castlevania and sequels

Fleaman is a hunchback. He doesn’t have any special powers. He’s not undead. So why does he cost you a million hit points when he bumps into you? Which, not for nothing, is all he does. He simply fidgets a little bit and then jumps into the air (juuust missing your whip every time) in the hope that he will stumble into one Simon Belmont. Does Dracula’s human resources department know about this? The prince of darkness really ought to have higher standards.

See them all after the jump…

Source: Crispy Gamer


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