♬ J-E-L-L-ewwwwwwww….. ♬

Posted: July 14, 2011 12:55 am in Science, WTF

Human-derived gelatin….mmmm….just like mom used to make….

I do not want to know how they will make pudding….

“Something to reflect on over your lunch break today: Scientists are developing a new approach for producing human-derived gelatin in large enough quantities to be a commercially viable replacement for the animal-based gelatins used in all kinds of gelatin-like desserts, candies, and other foodstuffs as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Think about that next time you crack open a mid-afternoon pudding snack.”

Source: Popular Science

  1. […] been saving. Next-Generation Gelatin Could be Derived from Humans Instead of Animals [popsci] via ♬ J-E-L-L-ewwwwwwww….. ♬[zomdroids] Thanks to zombiepartz, who's been eating humans since before it was cool. F***in' […]

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