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“Apps are Bullshit!”

Posted: June 1, 2011 12:54 pm in Finance, Internet, Tablets, Wall Street

…says Jason Baptiste, CEO of OnSwipe. And they are ready to show you why with their official launch on June 21st, via livestream. OnSwipe is a platform that makes it insanely easy for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch enabled devices via the browser. Basically, the web is going to rock your tablet!

Source: OnSwipe


We have all heard how there have been “Freakonomics” -style research done to accurately predict the outcome of awards shows, and the top grossing movies. Someone on Wall Street got wise to this idea and has created software that mines through twitter and other social networks to pick up on what will be the next hot stock…

Source: of San Jose Mercury News)