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iCloud continues to wow…remember those apps you would buy,  then upgrade your phone only to find out that they have disappeared from the App Store? Thanks to Apple’s new iCloud, that old tetris clone that disappeared like a Chinese political opponent, can now be brought back(unlike  a Chinese political prisoner)!



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Every tech news media and their proverbial brother has covered Apple’s WWDC today, but I feel “This is My Next” has the best in depth coverage. Major announcements about iOS 5, Mac OS Lion, and iCloud from Jobs himself! Hit the jump below for the “Full Monty” from Apple



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Bad news for the advanced users who root their phone, they will have to choose between having superuser privileges on their device, or watching Google’s movie rentals.

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In the traditional quickness of Google, the security hole has been plugged, the fix is rolling out now.

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Chromebooks to cost $20 a month

Posted: May 11, 2011 11:46 am in Gadgets, Internet, Mobile, PC

That’s right all you see here for $20/month($28 for business users.)

That is with no upfront cost, does everything as stated in the video, runs Netflix, Hulu, Angry Birds, along with all the basic functions, Monthly 100 Megs of 3G data, and regular software and hardware upgrade service(never be obsolete!)

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They have pulled the video for now, I will get it back up as soon as they do, in the mean time, did a great comprehensive live blogging of the event complete with pictures: