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Every tech news media and their proverbial brother has covered Apple’s WWDC today, but I feel “This is My Next” has the best in depth coverage. Major announcements about iOS 5, Mac OS Lion, and iCloud from Jobs himself! Hit the jump below for the “Full Monty” from Apple



Now that you can play it within your browser…Hell yes it does…

Death to Pigs! Those TPS reports can wait….

Source: Chrome Web Store

Chromebooks to cost $20 a month

Posted: May 11, 2011 11:46 am in Gadgets, Internet, Mobile, PC

That’s right all you see here for $20/month($28 for business users.)

That is with no upfront cost, does everything as stated in the video, runs Netflix, Hulu, Angry Birds, along with all the basic functions, Monthly 100 Megs of 3G data, and regular software and hardware upgrade service(never be obsolete!)

Source: Engadget


They have pulled the video for now, I will get it back up as soon as they do, in the mean time, did a great comprehensive live blogging of the event complete with pictures:

Some exciting things we may see tomorrow:

  1. Google Music Beta(cloud based music service, 50GB of storage for everyone!)
  2. Ice Cream Sandwich, The next iteration of Android OS
  3. Total refresh of Google TV with the addition of android Apps
  4. Commercial release for Chrome OS with partnerships almost certain to be strong with Samsung and Acer
  5. YouTube to start subscription based service for VOD services
  6. Honeycomb to get some major and exciting updates
  7. Nexus Honeycomb Tab, completely vanilla 10-inch tab sporting NFC chips possibly some other new tablet feature

Source: Gizmodo, me

Facebook and Google both competitively tried to snag Skype earlier this year, looks like Microsoft will actually pull it off.

Source: Wall Street Journal


Looks like Google is going to take the silver and beat Apple to Cloud-based music services. Following Amazon’s Cloud Player, what will make users want to migrate their music there(probably more features and more platform support?) We’ will find out for sure tomorrow at Google I/O.

Source: CNET

UPDATE: Things are happening fast, people. Peter Kafta of AllThingsD has shed a little more light on how Google Music will work. The service will apparently automatically create playlists based on your interests. Google will also allow users to upload up to 20,000 songs — which is roughly 50GB worth of songs. Google expects the service to launch for the general public in the weeks following the beta release — that’s very good news.”

Ahhh, there’s the hook! 50 GB!

Source: Android and Me