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Every tech news media and their proverbial brother has covered Apple’s WWDC today, but I feel “This is My Next” has the best in depth coverage. Major announcements about iOS 5, Mac OS Lion, and iCloud from Jobs himself! Hit the jump below for the “Full Monty” from Apple



“Apps are Bullshit!”

Posted: June 1, 2011 12:54 pm in Finance, Internet, Tablets, Wall Street

…says Jason Baptiste, CEO of OnSwipe. And they are ready to show you why with their official launch on June 21st, via livestream. OnSwipe is a platform that makes it insanely easy for publishers of all sizes to make their content and advertising a beautiful experience on touch enabled devices via the browser. Basically, the web is going to rock your tablet!

Source: OnSwipe


Source: Engadget, Pocketnow


Bad news for the advanced users who root their phone, they will have to choose between having superuser privileges on their device, or watching Google’s movie rentals.

Source: Engadget

In the traditional quickness of Google, the security hole has been plugged, the fix is rolling out now.

Source: Talk Android

Been dying to nab one of these beauties (that will next month sport the newer 3.1 Honeycomb,) but can’t find one anywhere? Asus

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Looks like our friends in Taiwan are already working on getting us some fresh Honeycomb 3.1! The new update heralds in hardware acceleration, better control over widgets, USB Host capability, and a lot more!

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