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♬ J-E-L-L-ewwwwwwww….. ♬

Posted: July 14, 2011 12:55 am in Science, WTF

Human-derived gelatin….mmmm….just like mom used to make….

I do not want to know how they will make pudding….

“Something to reflect on over your lunch break today: Scientists are developing a new approach for producing human-derived gelatin in large enough quantities to be a commercially viable replacement for the animal-based gelatins used in all kinds of gelatin-like desserts, candies, and other foodstuffs as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Think about that next time you crack open a mid-afternoon pudding snack.”

Source: Popular Science



Whatever you do, don’t use the cheap Chinese wholesale memory cards…and now you will never forget why you went to the other room.

Source:  Geekologie

Can your Harley go 170MPH while flying over 10,000-feet vertically?

Screw hoverboards!  

Would you or would you not wear a Stormtroopers costume and get on one of these bad boys, and chase around little guys dressed in Ewok Costumes?


Hoverbike Helicopter airflow visualization smoke test:

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Source Geekologie,

…like  a evil, scary, Techno-horror soundtrack? Well folks, you are in luck! The good folks from Polynoid have created this amazing short film from scratch in CGI. Looks organic to me, and creepy…check out the video right here:


Loom from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Source: BBC

Remember that movie “Minority Report”?  And do you remember the only good part of that entire movie was that computer interface for the Pre-crime department? Well, Sony has been hard at work making augmented reality an actually usable technology,  that is interactive.  I was quite impressed.

Source: Engadget

Ever wanted tank without all the size and armor?

Posted: May 12, 2011 9:35 am in WTF

I want mine to sound like Mortal Kombat!

Posted: May 9, 2011 4:02 pm in Humor, WTF

This would be sooooo awesome (for like 5 minutes – then the little bird would go back to the pet store…)